Hotel Policies & Disclaimers:



  • Check-in: 3:00 p.m./Check-out: 11:00 a.m.
  • Guests must be at least 21 years of age to check-in.



All reservations must be accompanied by a valid credit or debit card.  The hotel can accept cash as a form of payment, but only at checkout.


The use of a debit card will initiate, at the time of check-in, an  immediate deduction from your bank account for your room rate, inclusive  of tax, for all room nights plus $50 per night for incidentals. Upon  check-out, any unused funds will be credited back to your account. Based  upon the business rules of your bank, it may take 72 hours or longer  for your bank to process this back to your account.


There will be a $50 charge for guests departing prior to their  departure date. If a group or a pre-paid rate has a minimum night stay  requirement, the remaining nights will be charged. 


To ensure the comfort and enjoyment of all our guests, the hotel  enforces a Good Night’s Rest Policy in our guest rooms. Only registered  guests are permitted to enter guest room elevators or guest rooms after  10:00 p.m. All guests must be registered at check-in. If a disturbance  is created as a result of a party or noise from a guest room, all guests  in the room will be asked to leave the hotel without a refund. These  guidelines are in place to ensure every guest enjoys a peaceful and  pleasant stay in our hotel. 


Late check-out up to 4:00 p.m. may be available for a rate of $60.


Guest rooms are 100% smoke-free. There is a $250 fine + tax if a  guest smokes anywhere on property other than the designated smoking  area.



If you would like to pay for another guest’s room, please contact the  hotel at (888) 600-7311. Payment must be completed 30 days prior to  arrival date and we reserve the right to  deny authorization for any  reason.


Farr Hotels & Resorts is a pet-friendly hotel. Guests must have a valid credit  card on their reservation. The weight of the pet is not to exceed 25  lbs. A non-refundable cleaning fee of $100 will be charged per stay, per  room (not per pet). One pet is allowed per guest room. If guest plans  to have two or more animals in the room, he or she must contact the  hotel directly to discuss. Dogs and cats only are allowed. 

Extreme or  wild animals are not authorized. In the event a dog begins to bark or is  the cause of guest complaints, the guest will be asked to remove the  pet. The pet must be placed in a carrier when housekeeping or  engineering staff enters the room. The guest will be required to sign a  document accepting complete financial responsibility for any damage  caused by the pet. Guide dogs for the blind or otherwise disabled are  exempt from the pet policy; there is no weight limit or pet fee.


Any use of Farr Hotels & Resorts fitness centers, Fit Kits, Sleep Kits, or  participation in off-site exercise classes or other programs offered by  Farr Hotels & Resorts (“Wellness Benefits”) is done at participant’s sole risk.  Farr Hotels & Resorts shall not be liable for any injuries, loss, or damage to the participant  or participant’s personal property resulting from the use of the  Wellness Benefits, regardless of whether it occurs as a result of Farr Hotels & Resorts negligence.  If the participant chooses to use the Wellness Benefits,  the participant hereby expressly waives any claim of liability - for  personal/bodily injury or damages - which occurs to the participant or  for any loss of or injury to person or property. 

This waiver is intended  to be a complete release of any responsibility for personal injuries  and/or property loss/damage sustained by any participant while on Farr Hotels & Resorts premises or at off-site exercise classes, whether using exercise  equipment or not.


Farr Hotels & Resorts reserves the right to not allow the open carry of handguns or other weapons on the hotel premises.