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Farr Hotels and Resorts is a hospitality startup that aims to transform economy hotels into 4-star luxury Eco-friendly Hotels and Resorts.


We  are focused on disrupting the hotel and resort market by integrating  Eco-Friendly Hotels and Resorts that reduce the hospitality industry's  carbon footprint on the Earth. Farr Hotels & Resorts Founder, Ken Farr,  has always believed in preserving the Earth while also providing a better customer experience to hotel customers.

Ken's inspiration evolved after traveling extensively for business in both the United States and Internationally. While staying in a lot of hotels, he noticed the level of waste in terms of electricity, water,  trash and quality of service.

After  staying in economy hotels, ranging from 1-star to 5-star hotels, Ken knew there had to be a way to improve the quality of the hotels and  create a better Eco-Friendly Hotel that would not only save money, but  also lessen negative environmental impacts. He believes that more  consumers would frequent an Eco-friendly hotel than a traditional hotel,  especially if there were more available.

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Learn more about our Eco friendly products and services which reduce the carbon footprints on the Earth. 

From Millennial's to business to casual travelers can now select a hotel like Farr Hotels & Resorts who care about you, your family, your community and more importantly the Earth.   Eco friendly 4 Star Hotels & Resorts with excellent customer service, food, suites with professional pampering.

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